• 氟鉑斯:PTFE醫用導管醫療擠出管生產企業

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    氟鉑斯(江蘇)精密高分子科技有限公司,位于江蘇省常州市武進區西太湖醫療產業園,公司占地面積3000余平,專業的醫用導管醫療擠出管生產企業,擁有齊全、完整的生產車間以及嚴格的質量管理控制體系。專業生產各類醫用導管、醫療擠出管:單腔管、多腔管、薄壁管、蝕刻管、PTFE熱縮管、FEP熱縮管、PFA精密導管,PEEK 波紋管,雙層導電波紋管,PFA管,FEP管,芯軸,AWG管等高精度醫療氟塑導管,客戶主要以醫療為主,所用PTFE、PFA、FEP、PEBAX等原材料均為醫用級,同時涉及半導體、軍工、化工等領域。產品配套應用于一次性醫療器械,如:取石網籃、息肉切除器、支架植入器、注射針、內窺鏡系列、介入類微導管系列產品、 神經類,心血管類,外周導管、自動洗胃機、中心供氧、中心負壓吸引、簡易呼吸器、氣管插管設備、營養輸注泵等進口替代,可根據實際應用進行定制,以滿足客戶需求。

    Fobos Precision Polymer Tech Co.,Ltd. Located in West Taihu Medical Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the company covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of medical catheter and medical extrusion pipe, with complete and complete production workshop and strict quality management and control system. Specializing in the production of all kinds of medical catheter, medical extrusion pipe: Single cavity tube, multi-cavity tube, thin-wall tube, etched tube, PTFE heat shrinkable tube, FEP heat shrinkable tube, PFA precision catheter, PEEK bellows, double conductive bellows, PFA tube, FEP tube, mandrel, AWG tube and other high precision medical fluorine plastic catheter, customers mainly medical, PTFE, PFA, FEP, PEBAX and other raw materials used are medical grade, and involve semiconductor, military, chemical and other fields. The product is suitable for disposable medical devices, such as: Import and replace lithotomy basket, polypectomy device, stent implantation device, injection needle, endoscope series, interventional microcatheter series products, neurologic, cardiovascular, peripheral catheter, automatic gastric washing machine, central oxygen supply, central negative pressure suction, simple breathing apparatus, endotracheal intubation equipment, nutrition infusion pump, etc., which can be customized according to the actual application to meet the needs of customers.